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What is the Cost of a Custom Closet?

You may be moving into a new home or running out of space for your clothes. You are looking for a closet designer. But what budget should you allocate for closets? In order to plan accordingly, here is some insight into how to navigate pricing in the world of custom closets and cabinets.

So… how much does a closet cost? The obvious frustrating answer is it depends! In a given room, you could decide to install a simple, minimal structure that allows you to maximize your hanging space, or you may want to install a “glam room” instead with a luxury finish and all the bells and whistles. Between these options, the price may vary by a factor of as much as 5 or 6.

  • Color: Most closet companies offer white as their starting price. Some solid colors such as antique white may be offered at a small premium. Wood melamine colors will usually be priced at about 20% above the white and some high-end wood-grain materials would represent an increase of 40% on the basic materials. The effect on the final cost of your project will obviously be less since there are other factors in the price but expect a premium of 10 to 20% on your final price if you choose premium colors.

  • Shelves vs hanging: The main benefit of having a custom closet is to double your hanging space wherever possible by hanging top and bottom. Another benefit is to have enough adjustable shelves to orderly put away your items. Obviously, the more your area includes shelves, the more expensive it becomes. Most companies work with 3⁄4”-thick panels and shelves, but if you are looking for a discount, ask your closet designer if they can offer 5/8”. This should allow you to save a few hundred dollars off your final price.

  • Drawers: Drawers have a significant impact on price if they are qualitatively made with birch interiors and high-end European hardware. If you are looking for an additional discount but don’t want to give up any drawers, ask your closet designer if they can offer more affordable drawers with particle board.

  • Doors: Quality doors are also relatively expensive because, like drawers, they are made of MDF with thermo-fused melamine. If you are looking to have glass doors made, make sure to ask your closet designer if they provide the full service.

  • Styles: If your closet design includes drawers and doors, you can select the style of the drawer front and doors. The basic style will be a flat contemporary style. Other styles such as raised panels, shaker fronts or pillow top will usually imply a premium of 10-15%.

  • Finishing: Molding and backing. If you are looking for a beautiful final result, you may want to include base molding, crown molding and/or backing to all your closet cabinets. This is the most important price difference that takes you from a practical structure to a luxury project.

  • Accessories: Closet companies offer a wide variety of accessories and luxury options that will increase the price of your project. The most typical accessories are belt racks, tie racks, valet rods, but also pull-out shelves, shoes racks, canvas pull-out drawers or storage boxes.

So… how much will it cost you? In order to illustrate our pricing demonstration, let’s work on the example of a 6’ x 8’ walk-in closet. The prices mentioned are all approximate for South Florida, but they should give you a good idea of what you can expect before you call a designer.


Basic structure: This very simple design with 3 shelf towers, plenty of double hanging and some long hanging would sell in South Florida in the range of $1,400-$1,700 in white and up to $2,000-$2,200 in a fine wood grain finish. As you can see, this basic structure does not cover the bottom nor the back of the cabinets. It has no drawers nor any accessories.

Add some drawers: The same design with an additional 8 drawers (4 on each side) would range between $2,400-$2,700 in white.

Add backing and base molding: Fully built cabinets with base and crown molding and backing. This option in white will range between $4,000 and $4,500.

Full deluxe version: Replace drawers with canvas pull-outs, add hampers, belt racks, tie racks, etc. In this example, the final price would range between $7,500-$8,000 in white, and maybe $8,200 to $8,700 for the finer wood grains.

As you can see from these examples, you have a wide range of options to accommodate your budget, in this case between $1,400 and $8,700. Some companies might offer you lower prices, but beware: how experienced are there? What is the quality of their materials? Are they insured? On the other end of the spectrum, some companies use luxury brand marketing to sell similar products at a very high premium. Some companies could easily charge you $15,000 for the project discussed above. Make sure you ask around and compare.

To put your mind at rest, some national distributors like Organizers Direct offer a Lifetime Warranty and a Price Guarantee. To get an in-home estimate of your closets or other storage cabinets from your local Organizers Direct in South Florida, please call or fill out this form.


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