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How to Maximize Space in Your Small Closet

After a diligent search, you finally find the house you've been searching for. The location is great, the square footage is perfect, and most importantly, it feels like home! There's only one problem: the closets are too small.

We've all been there. Whether it seems like the builders forgot what a closet should look like or the space is too tight for your dedication to good style, we've got some tips to help you get the most out of the space that houses your clothes, shoes, and beyond.

Get Strategic

What your wardrobe is lacking in space is hopefully made up for by having storage options in other areas of the home. This gives you the opportunity to thoroughly go through what's there. Are there several items you've put off adding to the donation bin? Do you have shorts taking up shelf space in the dead of winter? Getting a clear inventory of what you have can help you hone in on what you actually need. Keep the clothes and shoes for the current season out and put everything else in containers and stored away!

Find New Storage Options

If your current closet design is not conducive to accessories, get creative! There are plenty of DIY projects that will make your belts and hats a statement piece instead of unseen behind closed doors. Not too handy? Check out the local thrift shop for hanging racks or a torso stand to drape colorful items on. Don't forget corner hammocks!

Rethink Your Doors

Create more mobility in and out of the space by removing the doors. Instead, invest in a lively room divider. There are such a wide variety of designs that come on these partial walls that they could be easily integrated into any space. This opens up the stretching room inside the closet and an additional place to hang stuff on as well as change behind.

An easy-to-use, organized closet makes getting ready quick and convenient, as almost 60% of women will attest. Life is busy enough; the last thing you need is to be frustrated with a closet design that is too small. If you feel inspired to revamp the closet space but lack the time or energy, give our professionals a call to give your closet design a total makeover.

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