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5 Easy Tips for Choosing Right Closet Design

Do you cringe every time that you open your closet cabinet? You may need to consider a professional makeover. Keeping a closet neat and tidy is a painstaking job that you have to do every day. Your closet design and organization may determine the effort you have to put in to keep it clutter-free.

A recent survey by Braun Research Survey shows that 97% of realtors believe homebuyers value closet space more than basement and attic storage. Having the right design will not only keep your clothes organized but also add value to your home. Here are five tips to help you revamp your closet space.

1. Prioritize Your Storage Needs

It takes time to itemize your belongings and create an efficient and organized closet to house all the items. You may need to re-evaluate the size of the cabinets you need and the clothes you need to size. A Yetis survey conducted on over 2000 US women revealed that the closet spaces held an average of $550 of clothes they never wear. Be honest about the storage space that you need before contacting your closet designer.

2. Maximize On Your Closet Space

Your closet design should not waste your floor space. If you have a large walk-in closet, you may not worry much about the available space, and you can use all that is available for smart storage solutions. Bins, drawers, pull out containers, and cloth racks are great options to start with. You should find a separate space to store seasonal items such as winter clothing, which can quickly fill up your drawers. Figure out a way to utilize your corners. Corner shelves may help create a seamless closet design, which you can use to hang clothes or store suitcases.

3. Understand Your Personal Habits

Your style and fashion may dictate the closet designs you end up choosing. If your style is jeans and a tee-shirt, a closet with drawers and shelves is more appropriate than hanging rods. If you have the luxury of space and prefer to sit while you put on your socks, consider having a little bench or seat. If you are fussy about how you look as you dress up, a closet mirror may keep you from making endless trips to the bedroom to check yourself out.

4. Consider Closet Organizers

Keeping the closet neat and tidy is an ongoing process. If you find a challenge in maintaining order, you may need to consider using a high-quality custom closet organizer. A closet organizing system incorporates strategically located features that maximize the functionality of your storage space.

5. Work on Your Lighting

A tidy closet is a marvel to behold. However, improper lighting may hamper its functionality. Deeper cabinets with tiny doorways may not allow in as much light as you need. Overhead fluorescent bulbs can help illuminate all the dark corners and recesses of large drawers. If the closet is still a little dim for your liking, you can add extra lighting accessories. You can also add LED lights for aesthetics, especially at night.

The right closet design can transform how your closet functions. Remember to evaluate your storage and organization needs before deciding what closet design is best for you. Also, remember to use high-quality accessories such as door handles and hinges as they will determine how long your cabinets will last. That’s why it is important to hire a closet designer such as Creaction to streamline your closet space.

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