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5 Common Closet Organizing Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Home organization is one of North America’s great stress triggers. 84% of men and 87% of women report experiencing anxiety over their home upkeep. 55% of stressed-out Americans say that cleanliness and organization is a major contributor to their anxiety.

A well-designed closet organizer can help lower your stress levels and increase your quality of life. 57% of women believe that a closet that’s organized makes it easier and quicker to find what they need. Here are five common closet organizing mistakes that you will need to avoid and tips on how to solve them.

1. Failing to Declutter

Your current closet design may be bursting on the seams when you invite your closet designer to your home for a scheduled inspection. The average American family spends approximately $1,604 on clothing expenses annually.

Before you bring in your closet organizer, you may need to create an accurate inventory of the clothes and shoes you wish to keep, the item measurements. Decluttering provides a chance to replace clothes you have never worn. If you are purging and have to justify why you need to keep an item, it probably means that you do not need it.

2. Not Maximizing on Available Space

A custom closet organizer needs to be designed with functionality, ergonomics, and efficacy in mind. You may need to pay close attention to your design elements to maximize your space.

Double hanging can help utilize the vertical space. Avoid dead space above the top shelf by having a closet design 12” from the ceiling. Space above can store additional shoeboxes, suitcases, or clear, plastic clothe boxes. Take advantage of the wall behind an in-swing door by adding a hook board to hang your hats, scarves, and ties.

3. Not Factoring Aesthetics Into Your Custom Closet

Your closet doesn’t have to be ugly. Your closet organizer can do more than create efficient storage space. You may need to think through the design aesthetics, the materials used, and color hues for your custom unit. Your closet designer can help you complement your closet design to the overall home theme. You can transform your closet into an experience, not a chore.

4. Having the Wrong Shoe Storage System

The average American woman owns 32 pairs of shoes, while the average man has approximately eight pairs. Your closet organizer needs to have well-designed shoe storage that borders on efficiency rather than a luxury. Angled shelves can provide an elegant display for your heels or dress shoes. You can also save space by placing your shoes facing in the opposite direction. Additionally, rolling bins can help you store your flats, sneakers, sandals, and flip-flops.

5. Overlooking Your Lighting

You may need a closet organizer design that’s well-lit. Good lighting can provide better visibility as well as enhance your closet experience. You can utilize simple yet cost-effective lighting solutions through LED bulbs. Strip cabinet lighting can set the mood for your space.

A custom closet organizer can make it easier to find the clothes and shoes you need, decreasing your stress levels in the morning. Engaging professionals can help you avoid the five mistakes listed above. For more information on custom closet design, reach out to Creaction.

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