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3 Must-Have Features of Modern Garage Cabinets

Owning a home with a garage sounds great in theory. Homeowners often plan to park their cars in a secure, covered location and neatly store tools, seasonal decorations, and sports equipment in their garages. According to, 67% of homeowners rank a lack of storage space as their biggest pet peeve.

While a garage may seem to solve your storage space woes, without a well-planned storage system, most garages become chaotic catch-all spaces for anything that doesn’t belong in the house throughout the year. If you want to transform your garage from a storage unit into a functional space, you need to install modern garage cabinets. But not just any cabinets will do. To get the most out of your garage storage overhaul, choose cabinets with the following features.

Impressive Weight Capacity

Whether you plan to store tools, workout gear, or auto parts, your garage cabinets will need to be able to handle the weight of your belongings. Ideally, the shelves in your garage storage cabinets will hold around 100 pounds each. This will ensure you can store whatever you want wherever you want it in your garage.

Work Bench Integration

Many homeowners dream of using their garages to work on household projects. Whether you need a place to clean car parts, take on small carpentry projects, or handle small appliance repairs, you need to have a workbench. The best garage cabinets have workbenches integrated into their designs. When your modern garage storage system includes a workbench, your workspace will have direct access to your tools, parts, and hardware.

Floor-To-Ceiling Storage

If you plan to use your garage as a storage area, you need to maximize your vertical storage space. Ideally, your modern garage cabinets will span the entire space between the floor and the ceiling. Even if your garage seems cluttered now, unless your belongings already reach the ceiling, you’ll be surprised by how much you can store when you use all of the vertical storage space along the walls.

If you’re ready to turn your garage from a catch-all space to a beautifully organized storage area, workspace, and parking space, then our modern garage cabinets are just what you need. Reach out to the closet organizers at Creaction Organize today to learn more!

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