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3 Advantages to Installing Custom Closets

Clutter rarely looks welcoming in a home, to both guests and the household. While spring cleaning can be rejuvenating as you see space open up in your home, renovating existing spaces to better store items you don't wish to part with also has its advantages. Here are three benefits of remodeling custom closets in your home.

1. Increased Storage Space

The garage is in many ways like a large closet. Garage cabinets can store tools, sporting equipment, and junk that should be kept out of sight. Putting these items away results in a more open space that can then be used for other purposes, say, exercise or socializing. As great as garage and attic storage is, closet organizers understand that indoor closet storage is coveted significantly more by homeowners. In fact, 97% of realtors believe that homeowners prefer their closet storage space over their basement or attic storage space, according to Organized Interiors. Creating a space for your shoes, clothes, and accessories can open up the rest of your home, make travel packing easier, and make getting dressed more exciting.

2. Increased Home Value

For those in the market for a home that can hide and disguise all of their belongings, a house with substantial closet space is key. While homes with larger and more frequent closets are priced higher, so too are those with secret closets that blend into the walls and existing cabinets. Custom cabinets that reveal bookshelves, a foldout mattress, or a trash bin all make the space feel more compact and exciting. Being able to nest assets within other features is a highly-desired detail.

3. Versatile Storage Space

Larger closets do not have to house clothes specifically. While many custom closets may have cabinets, dressers, and drawers fixed into the walls, the rooms can also be constructed with room for portable furniture such as dressers. Removing excess furniture from the bedroom could help your space feel less cluttered, thereby improving your sleep, and freeing up more room for exercise. For those who also make or collect costumes, custom closets can help preserve the scent of your clothes by keeping them out of musty attics and damp basements.

If you own a lot of clothes or are looking for new storage space within your home, consider a custom closet renovation. Contact us today to explore our options and pricing guides!

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